Bearings / Bearing System

To design the best possible oil bearings, L.A. Turbine utilizes top tribology engineers and state of the art design tools to produce the best hydrodynamic bearings available. We use the most advanced materials to provide higher stiffness, a low temperature

profile, improved stability, and highest possible thrust capability. As a result, L.A. Turbine can design bearing systems that utilize higher surface speeds benefiting customers by allowing smaller wheels and smaller machines for the same flow. L.A. Turbine can also design tilting pad bearings with on-pad and between-pad loading for both journal and thrust applications. For the highest capacity, most advanced material and state of the art designs, look no further than L.A. Turbine.

L.A. Turbine has extensive experience with Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) in turboexpander applications. Working with leading magnetic bearing suppliers, engineers at L.A. Turbine can incorporate magnetic bearing technology into any turboexpander to meet customer requirements. The benefits of utilizing magnetic bearings are numerous, including smaller support skid footprint, lower overall weight of equipment, and lower maintenance requirements. Contact one of our knowledgeable applications engineers today to get additional details on L.A. Turbine’s bearing technology.

Project ARES

Standard Turboexpander-Compressor for 200MMSCFD Gas Plants

Features Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) or Oil Bearings

A recent addition to LAT’s turboexpander portfolio is a line of standard turboexpander-compressors designed for gas processing plants of 60-300MMSCFD with either active magnetic or oil bearings. The ARES AMB unit features the industry’s first skid-mounted AMB controller. Both configurations are offered for the same price. Connect with an L.A. Turbine Sales Representative to learn more about ARES.

Active Magnetic Bearing Oil Bearing
  •  High Reliability & Performance
  • Proven Reliability & Performance
  • Fewer Operational & Maintenance Costs
  • Ongoing Operational & Maintenance Costs
  • Small & Adjustable Footprint
  • Larger Footprint
  • Requires No Lube Oil System
  • Requires Oil Lube Skid, Pumps, Reservoir, Heating & Cooling System

Turboexpander Bearings Parts

Read a turboexpander modification and redesign case study that included the magnetic bearing, terminal boxes, inlet guide vane system, active magnetic bearing control system and more here: