Automatic Performance Auditing


Monitoring turboexpander performance from a remote location is often a requirement of plant operators. Whether the monitoring takes place in the control room on site or at company headquarters in another state, maintenance personnel, vibration analysts, and mechanical engineers desire a flexible data acquisition, monitoring, and control platform to more precisely diagnose and predict machinery malfunction. With a flexible data acquisition and analysis system, you gain the ability to easily expand input channel count and analysis functionality without expensive upgrades. Similarly, data acquisition can be applied to post-manufacturing testing and real-time monitoring in the field.

L.A. Turbine can supply the know-how, hardware, and software to make it happen. Electronics engineers with extensive experience in the turboexpander industry can guide your plant personnel in making this happen. L.A. Turbine, works with leading PLC manufacturers to supply and program high quality Programmable Logic Controllers meeting the highest standards for safety, flexibility, and value. Whether you seek system flexibility, space saving, ease of maintenance, or powerful programming features, our programmable logic controllers and exceptional product support will meet and exceed your requirements.