L.A. Turbine specializes in the design, manufacture and repair of application-specific, highly engineered turboexpanders and expander spare parts used in hydrocarbon processing, geothermal power generation, and other power-recovery or refrigeration applications in industrial processes worldwide.


L.A. Turbine is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier that is earning a reputation for on-time delivery of high quality products. Customers worldwide have experienced our field service expertise and fast turnaround on repairs.

L.A. Turbine also now does complete PLC systems engineering and construction by adding new balancing capability and highly advanced resonance testing.

L.A. Turbine has created “standards” for the variety of currently manufactured turboexpander frame sizes. See chart below.


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L.A. Turbine supplies the following Turboexpander configurations in a range from 800kW to 14MW per expander:


L.A. Turbine supplies the highest quality spare parts available.

Turboexpander Evaluation: Hands-on Investigative Equipment Assessment

When an aftermarket equipment or operational issue can’t be resolved via phone, L.A. Turbine will take the diagnostic session one step further and offer a hands-on evaluation of the turboexpander equipment to uncover the root cause of the problem. Upon receiving the equipment at one of our L.A. Turbine service centers, a comprehensive review of all components and auxiliary parts is conducted. The diagnostic process involves a detailed look at every piece of the unit resulting in a detailed findings report containing written and photographic documentation and corrective action recommendations. If you prefer to have your equipment evaluated on site, a field service representative can be dispatched to your plant location. On-site visits by L.A. Turbine service personnel will be billed at field service labor rates per our standard rate sheet.

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