Mechanical Spare Parts

Turboexpanders can operate for years without servicing. However, starting and stopping, varying process conditions, and external equipment may cause a necessary service call or cause failure. It is therefore critical to keep certain spare parts on hand in order to meet emergency needs.

L.A. Turbine will work with you to arrive at a spare parts inventory that is considerate of the risk and capital expense appropriate to meet your organizational goals.

Depending on your unique requirements, L.A. Turbine may recommend:

  • Gasket sets, O-ring kits, Teflon seals.
  • Disposable filter elements for lube oil and seal gas filters.
  • Repair kits for critical skid-mounted valves, actuators, regulators, and pumps.
  • A spare Mechanical Center Section (MCS). If the operating MCS is damaged, a spare MCS on site can be installed in a few days rather than weeks or months that would be required if new parts needed to be manufactured. This dramatically reduces down time and can pay for itself several times over considering potential lost production revenue.