Control Systems & HMI Displays


Modern turbo machinery consists of both mechanical and electronic parts. The electronic parts found on a turboexpander typically consist of programmable logic controllers (PLC), temperature, speed, and vibration sensors. PLC, used synonymously with the control system, describes a computer that receives signals from all machine sensors and calculates the inputs to provide various outputs used for displaying current operating information, data acquisition, controlling valves and more.



L.A. Turbine works with leading PLC manufacturers to supply and program high quality Programmable Logic Controllers meeting the highest standards for safety, flexibility, and value. A wide range of communication options between PLCs makes it possible to gather all information into one central control point enabling remote diagnostics and configuration.

Our experienced Field Service Technicians are available 24/7 to provide repair or upgrades to older systems. Sales can help with spare parts needed to replace malfunctioning or broken components.

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