Turboexander Evaluations & Wellness Checks


Turboexpander Evaluation: Hands-on Investigative Equipment Assessment

When an equipment or operational issue can’t be resolved via the phone, L.A. Turbine will take the diagnostic session one step further and offer a hands-on evaluation of the equipment to uncover the root cause of the problem. Upon receipt of your turboexpander equipment at one of our L.A. Turbine service centers, a comprehensive review of all components and auxiliary parts will be conducted. The diagnostic process involves a detailed look at every piece of the unit resulting in a detailed findings report containing written and photographic documentation and corrective action recommendations. If you prefer to have your equipment evaluated on site, a field service representative can be dispatched to your plant location. On-site visits by L.A. Turbine service personnel will be billed at field service labor rates per our standard rate sheet.

L.A. Turbine will provide complimentary turboexpander evaluation at any of the following service center locations including our Valencia headquarters in California and in our Belgian service center located in Flemalle. This no-obligation, comprehensive evaluation is available for any brand of turboexpander.

This complimentary service includes:

  • Disassembly and evaluation by expert turboexpander technicians
  • Inspection report containing detailed descriptions and images of each expander component detailing the condition of each.
  • Service/repair/spare part recommendation based on above evaluation.



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