Turboexpander Equipment and Applications

Whether your equipment is in need of repair, redesign or retrofit, L.A. Turbine provides you with a one-stop solution offering personalized, high touch service and solution excellence for your turboexpander needs.  We are committed to providing expedient service, accurate diagnosis and timely repairs of your turboexpander equipment quickly.

We provide aftermarket repair and refurbishment on all types of OEM turboexpanders.

turboexpander-equipment-machiningExamples of turboexpander configurations may include:

  • Oil bearing and active magnetic bearing systems
  • Turboexpanders with a compressor load
  • Turboexpander-generators
  • Turboexpander-dyno (oil brake) units

Examples of auxiliary mechanical parts we service includes:

Redesign or retrofit work includes:

  • Upgrade system performance reporting from remote monitoring to a programmable control panel mounted alongside the turboexpander unit
  • Installation of a spare mechanical center section (MCS) while performing scheduled maintenance on the originally-installed MCS


Not only do we understand the mechanics of turboexpanders but we also understand the specialized conditions, flow requirements, varied operational climates and environments, outcomes and desired business results from a variety of midstream and upstream applications which include:

  • Turboexpanders used for power recovery or pressure let down
  • Turboexpanders for natural gas liquification processes
  • Boil off gas processing
  • Distribution solutions: process and transfer of gas and liquids
  • Hydrocarbon processing
  • Refrigeration/cooling/cryogenics
  • Power recovery or pressure let down
  • Geothermal
  • Air separation