L.A. Turbine has years of experience in designing, servicing and repairing turboexpander equipment used for a variety of applications—hydrocarbon processing, air separation, refrigeration, geothermal and other power recovery applications—and for a range of process flow conditions within a variety of environments including the searing heat of Middle East deserts and the arctic temperatures of northern Russian.  Turboexpanders are customized highly-engineered equipment and must be handled with care to ensure proper operation.  Training sessions led by L.A. Turbine engineering design and field service experts can be held within a customer’s facility or within L.A. Turbine classroom facilities.  These training sessions are designed for plant processing operators and maintenance personnel and cover a variety of topics including testing, commissioning, operations, equipment maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.

“Lunch and Learn” Sessions – Turboexpanders 101 or Advanced Curriculum 

Another great way to learn about turboexpanders is through our Lunch and Learn (L&L) sessions.  Sessions are led by a L.A. Turbine product specialist and content is based on the participants’ knowledge and experience levels. For example, a Turboexpander 101 course covers turboexpander basics including defining what it is, how it operates, appropriate applications, performance features, operational benefits, best practice approaches and troubleshooting.  L&L sessions typically last one hour, include a question and answer session, and are geared toward equipment procurement and engineering company personnel who specify rotating equipment, and for plant operations and maintenance team members.  Sessions can be held on the customers’ premises or at a L.A. Turbine classroom facility.

To learn more about our training services, course curriculum and/or Lunch and Learn sessions, call +1 855 FX-TURBO (+1 855 398 8726) or complete the Training Request Form below.

Customer Testimonial

“I have been working with the turbo-expanders / compressors of another manufacturer for ~3 months. Details on rotor position control, magnetic bearings, cabling, to name a few, that I have struggled to obtain from the manufacturer for 3 months, your representatives provided [in a general – but sufficient – sense] in a few minutes over a few slides.”

-Lunch & Learn Session Participant
Major EPC

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