Quality Control & Testing

ISO Certification

L.A. Turbine promotes a culture of quality and with the ISO 9001 Certification of our Valencia facility we are committed to provide the best-in-class products and services to our customers. Every organization, regardless of size or sector, strives to provide a quality culture that will permeate every level of their organization and L.A. Turbine is no exception. To establish optimal working practices that can enhance customer satisfaction and positively impact profitability does not happen by accident. L.A. Turbine achieves this with our established ISO Quality Management System.

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API 617

There is no compromise to the state of the industry quality standards expected from L.A. Turbine. The units are designed and fabricated to the latest ISO standards, fully tested and documented, with full mechanical and performance guarantees per API acceptance criteria.

Testing Services

Each turboexpander is tested at rated speed, head and volumetric flow. During testing, we use the ADRE® 408 DSPi plus ADRE® Sxp software system to perform vibration monitoring and to collect vibration data. For aftermarket trouble shooting and diagnostics, the ADRE® system helps determine if the vibration is a result of an unbalanced rotor, a shaft with excessive run-out, seals rubbing against the shaft, or a bearing related issue. When testing new turboexpander units, the ADRE system is used to capture vibration data during mechanical and performance operations. A unique vibration signature is then collected from each unit and retained within our L.A. Turbine turboexpander database of intellectual property. Also during testing, lube oil pressures and temperatures are continually monitored for verification of proper performance and function. Upon test completion, our units are disassembled and inspected.


Our in-house quality testing also includes:

  • Wheels are over speed tested at 115% of maximum continuous speed per API 617
  • Rotor components are individually balanced to facilitate on-site maintenance and replacement
  • State of the art wheel design and milling tools ensure precise blade profiles that provide the optimal efficiency for the process

turboexpander-testingAdditional in-house testing capabilities include:

  • Complete unit test with contract auxiliary system
  • Control Factory Acceptance Test
  • Performance Test
  • Mechanical Test
  • Functional Test
  • Test per API 617 or PTC-10


lat502ec_thumbLAT502EC Case Study
NGL Application/API 617 Compliant/L3000