ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor Line

Unit Commissioned! Industry’s First AMB Turboexpander-Compressor Features Exclusive Skid-Mounted AMB Control System Suited for 60-300 MMSCFD Gas Plants

ARES AMB Delivers Innovative AMB Turboexpander Options for Gas Processing, Especially Midstream NGL Processing Plants. 

FIRST ARES AMB Unit Commissioned! Read the news release.

L.A. Turbine (LAT) has an industry first turboexpander-compressor solution for gas plant sizes of 60-300 MMSCFD.  The ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor features the exclusive skid-mounted AMB control system and programmable logic control (PLC) panel design that is certified for Class 1/Division 2 hazardous area installation. The ARES AMB turboexpander solution requires a lower overall investment and benefits equipment procurement companies (EPCs) and end-users alike with an expedited design-to-delivery timeline; simplified and accelerated installation, commissioning and operation; faster commissioning, revenue generation and return on investment.

In addition to the hazardous area installation certification, the skid-mounted Zephyr® AMB control system provides optimized performance, high reliability and delivers lower maintenance costs. Key benefits include eliminating costly cabling; reducing start-up time and costs with simplified and automated commissioning; and, performing remote commissioning thus limiting the need for on-site support. In addition, the technology allows for remote connectivity to monitor, tune and perform diagnostic services. Also important is the high processing performance for complex algorithms which provides high dynamic efficiency for flexible production output capacity.

Customer Bound: ARES AMB 200MMSCFD Turboexpander-Compressor for NGL Processing in Bakken Shale


How Do You Benefit from the ARES AMB Turboexpander Design?

Overall Benefits of ARES AMB Design & Production

  • Reduces investment with pre-engineered solution for select machine components
  • Reduces design-to-build lead times by 18-20 weeks
  • Provides single OEM partnership from design thru machine lifespan
  • Designed, engineered and built in the USA

How Do EPCs Benefit?

  • Deliver quicker-to-market solution
  • Lower investment costs: upfront and later
  • Ability to provide customized solution for many plant sizes
  • Confidence in working with a proven turboexpander expert
  • Receive equipment of highest quality and performance
  • Establish ongoing partnership with a trusted and proven OEM
  • Receive high touch customer service and support from LAT

How Do End-Users Benefit?

  • Install AND commission quicker
  • Monitor and troubleshoot remotely
  • Reduce overall equipment investment
  • Generate revenue and ROI faster
  • Receive equipment of highest quality and performance
  • Establish ongoing partnership with a trusted and proven OEM
  • Receive excellent customer service and support from FX-TURBO Team