L. A. Turbine Leadership & Managers

John MaskalukJohn Maskaluk
Founder, Owner
Dominique MaskalukDominique Maskaluk

Danny Mascari
Christian MaskalukChristian Maskaluk
Managing Director, L.A. Turbine Europe

Tadeh Avetian
Director of Engineering
Jackie YehJackie Yeh
Director of Applications
Julia BudiharsoJulia Budiharso
Director of Project Management

Troy O'SteenTroy O’Steen
Director of Sales
David BlossDavid Bloss
Director of Field Service
Chad Maccanelli
Customer Service and Experience Manager

Steven Bond
Core Engineering Manager
Feng SunFeng Sun
Design Engineer
Frank LothFrank Loth
Quality Assurance Manager

Shawne Thiry Shawne Thiry
Vice President of Marketing
Daniel Jackson
Operations Manager
Kathie Ulloa
Human Resources Manager