T&PS 2017: View ARES Demo in Booth 2327


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Standardized AMB Turboexpander-Compressor Unit Features Waukesha Bearings

Experience L.A. Turbine’s (LAT) demo of ARES, an industry-first, new standard turboexpander-compressor featuring either oil or magnetic bearings, at the 2017 Turbomachinery & Pump Show (T&PS), December 12-14 in Houston, TX.  LAT’s active magnetic bearing (AMB) turboexpander unit features bearings, and another industry-first, a skid-mounted controller from Waukesha Magnetic Bearings.


Visit Waukesha Bearings Booth 2327 to view the ARES product demo or contact Troy O’Steen at 661.755.0949.

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LAT ARES Demo Makes House Calls!

For those not attending the T&PS, L.A. Turbine can bring the demo to you! To schedule an office visit and demonstration from one of LAT’s turboexpander experts, just click here or contact Troy O’Steen directly at 661.755.0949 or tosteen@LATurbine.com.


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