GPA 2016 – New Orleans

2016 GPA Beer Winner Announced:  Voodoo Mojo Is Working

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Thanks to everyone who visited L.A. Turbine’s (LAT) Belgian Beer Café and Voodoo Chapel during this year’s GPA Convention in New Orleans. We hope you had a spellbound time enjoying Belgian beer, waffles, chapel wishes and confessions. From the look of our voodoo doll, party goers had a lot to get off their minds!  By now your juju should be wished away and replaced by nothing but good mojo.


Not sure if LAT can take the credit, but we think our mojo magic is working. The day following our party, crude oil reached a record high after a four-month stretch of lows!  Since then we continue to see an upward trend in oil prices.  

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Keep the mojo going strong by making a daily wish with your LAT Desktop Voodoo Doll. Remember, place good mojo wishes on the heart side and get rid of bad juju on the left side.

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Got Bad Juju?

When the market conditions haunt your nights, you need to dig a little deeper to find solutions.  Find out how far our L.A. Turbine Beer Monks are willing to go. 

[evp_embed_video url=”https://www.laturbine.comvideo/The-Voodoo-Chapel-L.A.-Turbine-HD.mp4″ width=”700″ ratio=”.5624″ poster=”https://www.laturbine.comwp-content/uploads/2016/04/LAT-GPA-Voodoo-Doll-Spell-700.jpg” class=”fixed-controls” template=”mediaelement”]


Get Your Mojo Back With L.A. Turbine!

L.A. Turbine’s (LAT) Belgian Beer Monks are bringing their brewery magic to the big easy for GPA 2016! Get your mojo back with a visit to LAT’s Belgian Beer Café and Voodoo Chapel on Monday, April 11 from 7 to 11:30 PM in Grand Ballroom B.  Fuel your karma with finely-crafted Belgian beers and homemade waffles. Come visit us and get a chance to win a year of Belgian Beer! We guarantee you’ll have a spell bound time.  

Your L.A. Turbine turboexpander magic makers and Belgian Beer Monk brew masters await your arrival.


Dig A Little Deeper – Find Real Solutions at LAT

Don’t believe in voodoo magic?  Not a problem.  Find real solutions to industry, plant and gas processing juju challenges with the help of L.A. Turbine.  Get your turboexpander mojo back with the help of LAT’s engineers, manufacturing and field service teams.  There’ll be no more haunted nights when you call upon L.A. Turbine to make your magic happen.

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