GPA 2015


Who’s The Lucky Winner?

Thanks to everyone who stopped by L.A. Turbine’s Beer Café to enjoy Belgian beers, warm waffles and pub-worthy conversation. Cheers to our souvenir glass recipients! May your thirst be quenched with your right-sized vessel. And to the Chosen Ones, we hope your “free 48 hours” were put to good use and your Manneken Pis bottle opener is serving you well!

Feeling lucky today? In less than 90 seconds you could be L.A. Turbine’s winner of the 2015 Beer-for-a-Year contest. Click on the video triangle below to see if you’re the lucky winner!

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Save the Date: 2016 GPA Convention & LAT Party

Mark your calendar now for L.A. Turbine’s Belgian Beer Café on April 11, 2016. With a new year and a new event location you can be sure L.A. Turbine will be serving up some new experiences in New Orleans!



You’re Invited: Take a Sneak Peek of Party Preparations!

Our master brewers have been hard at work—discerning, dedicated and determined to deliver just what you ordered. Sneak a peek of the monk’s party prep now!

Quench Your Thirst at L.A. Turbine’s Belgian Beer Café

Thirsty? No problem. Once again, our beer monks return to the GPA Convention to host L.A. Turbine’s infamous Belgian Beer Café. The saloon opens Monday, April 13 from 7 PM to Midnight in Salon G. We’re offering three Belgian brews for your tasting pleasure. Don’t know which one to enjoy first? No problem, we’re flexible. Enjoy a sample of each—they’re available in all shapes and sizes. Also back by popular demand is our souvenir glass and Beer-for-a-Year drawing.

May Your Cup Runneth Over!

Regardless of how things may appear—half empty or half full—rest assured, L.A. Turbine is full of the right-sized solutions. You’re guaranteed full-service at our place—no matter what may be going on elsewhere. Thirsting for more details? Sign up below for party fun.

Save my a Barstool

Monday, April 13 at 7 p.m. in Salon G.