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Irvine, CA | UC Irvine Applied Innovation
June 8, 2017
8:30AM – 4:30PM
Conference Agenda

1:30 PM L.A. Turbine Presentation



Mitigating Turbine High Cycle Fatigue Using Coupled Fluid-Structural Analysis and Optimization
Tadeh Avetian, Brian Parrelli, Steven Bond, L.A. Turbine

High cycle fatigue (HCF) is a common cause of failure in turbomachinery. These machines are subject to cyclic pressure loading due to the interaction between stationary vanes and rotating blades. These alternating loads can be amplified when the forces excite a resonant frequency of the rotating wheel. Radial inflow turboexpanders are particularly susceptible to HCF, because their high rotation speeds and wide speed ranges can easily fall within the range of wheel resonant frequencies. A crucial part of the design process of these machines is to evaluate the natural frequencies of the wheel and identify the potential forcing functions that can cause a resonant response. This presentation showcases the ANSYS simulation tools used to optimize a wheel’s natural frequencies and identify the cyclic loads which can cause HCF failure.

Tadeh Avetian, Director of Engineering
Brain Parrelli, Principal Aerodynamicist – Turbomachinery Design
Steven Bond, Structural Analyst


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