L.A. Turbine has invested in the latest FaroArm® technology for use within our redesign and manufacturing processes.   Use of the FaroArm expedites the data collection process, allows for quicker access to information, and faster response times thus improving our efficiencies and ultimately our ability to deliver high-quality and reliable equipment.

Our FaroArm units include a six-foot and nine-foot long arm system loaded with the latest release of FaroArm software.

Benefits of using the FaroArm in our design and manufacturing processes include:

  • Ability to reverse-engineer components and parts of OEM turboexpanders
    • Computer drawings are generated and used for the production of OEM parts through the data collection and analysis
  • Accurate and error-free data collection
    • Automated data collection process versus manual measurements and reporting eliminate potential human error
  • Assists with and expedites the inspection process and quality control when used in conjunction with other precision measurement tools (additional precision instruments are required due to the finite degree of measurements for our equipment designs)
  • Increased efficiency within the design, manufacturing and testing processes
    • Databank of information provides intellectual property to be used as a reference and benchmark and for problem solving and innovation
  •  Faster ideation to delivery of manufactured product –quicker to market
    • Automation, data collection and documentation streamlines the process and eliminates unnecessary duplication of actions that are repeatable and standardized

Applications of the FaroArm include:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Measurement
  • Inspection
  • Drawings of equipment, parts and components