Engineering Capabilities


L.A. Turbine employs a uniquely qualified and highly experienced team of engineers and project managers, many of them with 17+ years, on average, of hands-on turboexpander design and manufacturing expertise. Our engineering professionals also are contributing knowledge from in-depth studies during their pursuit of masters and doctoral degrees. This combination gives our customers the best of both worlds—experience going back to Dr. Judson Swearingen, paired with the latest, most advanced design processes and analytical design tools available at L.A. Turbine. As a result, our engineering team in conjunction with operations personnel innovate and design customized turboexpander solutions to meet a range of process, speed, flow and environmental conditions.

Concept to Commissioning

la-turbine-engineersL.A. Turbine made a strategic decision to control the entire turboexpander design, machining, assembly, testing and installation process. From concept to commissioning we are in the “driver’s seat” to ensure quality products and on-time production and delivery commitments are met for each project.

Not only does L.A. Turbine have innovative and knowledgeable staff but we are also equipped to design, manufacture and deliver the next generation of turboexpanders. We have a modern 90,000 sq. foot facility, the latest computer-aided design tools, testing and inspection tools, plus multi-axis CNC shop equipment able to machine parts to finite degrees. Recent investments in a horizontal CNC milling center, CNC lathe machine, surface grinder and a universal OD/ID grinding machine further our ability to control quality and accomplish on-time completion for every part machined.

Extensive Tools, Precise Dimensions

la-turbine-engineers-houman-and-teamThe HAAS EC-1600 Horizontal CNC Machining Center (HMC) is used to machine our large turboexpander parts including expander and compressor casings and bearing housings. Our new CNC lathe machine, a HAAS ST-40, gives us the ability to manufacture very large shafts to precise dimensions. Precision results measuring .0001” are also achieved with our new surface grinder and soon-to-be received universal OD/ID grinding equipment. The surface grinder, Kent USA SGS-1230AHD, grinds nozzle segments, thrust washers, nozzle covers and nozzle adjusting rings with finite dimensions, thicknesses, parallel sizing, and exact finishes while ensuring tolerances meet engineering requirements. Additional outer and inner diameter grinding and finishing work on shafts and expander-compressor bearings will be performed using a Cincinnati Machines Multi-Surface Grinding Center.

Use of our FaroArm® technology enhances our ability to design, recreate, manufacture and deliver highly-reliable and quicker-to-market equipment solutions while the ADRE® 408 DSPi and ADRE® Sxp software allow us to test, troubleshoot and diagnosis rotation and vibration issues immediately and accurately.


HAAS EC-1600 Horizontal CNC Machining Center (HMC)


Kent USA Surface Grinder


HAAS ST-40 CNC Lathe Machine



HAAS VF6 Vertical Machining Center